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I have been working with the Magento E-commerce platform and have to say it’s generally pretty slick. I ran into a problem though when trying to get the Google Checkout integration working. The error message in the Google Checkout integration console was:

"We were looking for data in your merchant-calculation-results, but were not
able to find it: result: address-id: XXXXXX"

The problem was that the XML response Magento was sending back had the correct calculations for each shipping method that was available but it didn’t include the shipping methods that were not available for the address. These are required according to the Google Checkout XML API Docs.

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I’ll preface this post by saying that the hours spent chasing bugs after 1AM are seldom remembered fondly. So perhaps that’s causing some bias in my opinion – bear it in mind.

I’m really learning PHP as I go along, so you can imagine my suprise when at 3AM I discovered the reason I wasn’t seeing an out of memory error was because in PHP:

@<any statement></any>

is the same as an empty try/catch:

try {
   <any statement>
} catch {}</any>

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As a regular user of GWT for projects both commercially and personally since 2006 I have been yearning for Java 5 support. It’s finally here, albeit in the form of a release candidate. Candidate or not, I thought it best to take it for a test drive. Here is what I found.

The testdrive: Upgrade my current GWT 1.4 work-in-progress project s3swap into a GWT 1.5 project.

The results:

My project has a couple of nasty little hacks in it (don’t they all?) , one of which caused a compile error in the new RC1. The error was caused because I had created my own version of NamedFrame so that I could better control the size of it. Apparently in the new GWT the setElement() is no longer used, and instead replaceElement() is called. However the replaceElement() method is package private so I cannot call it from my own NamedFrame. The fix – just don’t fiddle with frame sizes (for now).

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