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I have been helping out with some sales reporting lately which has meant I have been using the order and transaction CSV downloads Google Checkout offers.

I found one feature of Google Checkout strangely lacking on the usability front. The payout and transaction download only allows you to specify a single day rather than a date range, so if you wanted a month of data you would have to run the report 30 times and aggregate the data in your own spreadsheet: no thanks Google!

Google Checkout Transaction download only offers a single day.

Google Checkout Transaction download only offers a single day.

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Just one more quick note on the Magento upgrade to The new full text search functionality uses an index that does not get built when you upgrade. You will need to manually rebuild it in the UI to get your store search working.

To do the rebuild you access the Cache Management page (System > Cache Management). You will see a new button at the bottom labeled ‘Rebuild’ – press it and depending on how many products you have the index will rebuild in a few seconds or minutes.

Once rebuilt it works well, enjoy!

Long time, no post – busy time with Christmas and New years. I went to Mahia Beach on the east coast of New Zealand, amazing place – I was lucky enough to swim with a wild dolphin named Moko, he stole someones boogie board too!

Anyway, to more nerdy subject matter, I recently upgraded our Magento webstore to version – it was relatively painless except for one major hiccup. There seems to be a bug with the configuration scopes in the new version of Magento that means the HTTPS URL is not propagating to the webstore from the default configuration scope.

The problem manifests itself as your Google Checkout merchant calculated shipping callback failing (and subsequently using the default amount). There is a message in the Google checkout integration console:

URL you are using for merchant calculations is not valid or is not https — the error we got is: An HTTPS URL is required.

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