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5 Free Professional Magento Installations

The first 5 Magento Installations I do will be free! Whats the catch? You have to provide me a review of the work I do and my professional service in general that I can put on my blog for others to see. Simple eh?

I’ve decided to start offering Professional Magento Installations as a service, there is high demand for a well installed Magento. All too many people with not quite enough knowledge or skills are having a go at it then ending up with failed installations. I have helped a number of people on the Magento forums who for a small fee could have saved themselves hours of headaches and had the work done quickly by a professional.

My standard price will be $99, I see that Magento themselves charge $149 – so naturally I wanted to make my Magento Installation cheaper without cutting back on quality or timeliness. I will often be able to install same day, and usually install within 2 days.

Of course the price is ZERO right now for a limited time I’ll install your Magento for FREE, so if you are contemplating it, get in touch with me.

Because I haven’t offered any professional service on this blog before I thought I’d offer to do the first 5 Magento Installations free of charge to get some references from happy customers! So if you want your Magento installed for you by an expert, check out my professional services page. Be in quick, I’m sure this won’t last.

10 thoughts on “5 Free Professional Magento Installations

  1. Are you interested in setting up google checkout for me instead? I have installed Magento fine myself, but I’m looking for a way to make google checkout the only payment method (at the moment).

    I noticed you posted on the topic, so I figure it’d be just as easy for you, and I’d be more than happy to write a glowing review 🙂

  2. Oh, nevermind… I just noticed that it’s in Google API :D. Still getting used to this thing.

  3. Sounds Good! Can I have more than one of the free installs – I have 3 Magento stores I want to start?

  4. That wouldn’t be very fair! How about one install to start with and if in a week or so the other 4 are not taken, then we can talk about the other stores. Contact me to discuss install requirements, my email link is on the services page and about page. Cheers, Ashley

  5. I would love to give you a great review in exchange for some assistance with my Magento install.

    I’ve installed Magento, but a few features are not working correctly (Google Checkout, shipping charges, protection of CSRF attack, product category numbers are incremented too high). Maybe a completely fresh install might be the answer.

    I’ve pulled my hair out on this for months hoping the next upgrade would solve the Google Checkout problem. I gone through four upgrades to no avail of fixing the problem. In fact, the upgrade to v1.2.1.1, has completely disable Google Checkout functionality. All I get is a greyed-out Google Checkout button on my site.

    Your intention to sell installation services is a great idea. As I see it, Varien does not have a support plan that works for small businesses. The market segment that you are aiming to service seems to be a good target. Good luck!

    Warm Regards,

  6. Hi, Rod

    I have investigated the disabled Google Checkout button problem for you. I posted what I have discovered about this problem here: Solving Disabled Google Checkout button in Magento checkout. Please let me know if that helps, I am interested otherwise to know what is causing your problem.

    Also, if you would like to discuss re-installation of your Magento on a fresh server, contact me.


  7. I am too frustrated with the installation of Magento. You’re offer to help would be greatly appreciated. Can you help installed for free or tell us what we are doing wrong?

  8. Hi, Chris

    I could try both, how about you describe what’s going wrong, and if it’s an easy fix, I can help you through it. Otherwise if it sounds tricky, I could just do the install for you. I still have 2 installs left on my Free Magento Installations offer.

  9. Hi Ashley,
    This is in addition to the email I just sent you. We have a domain where we would like to put the shop & various other domains that would feed into it, as we get set up. We work in both English & Icelandic & would like to be able to have shops set up in each language as the Magento documentation shows, as we would like to be able to make materials available to other countries – esp. downloadable materials for places like Africa & China. The shop would be on & the other site is our charity site. I set up a zen-cart shop but it never worked well & is down.
    We would be so thankful for any help you can offer!

  10. Is this offer still on?

    Thank you,

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