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Are Your Customers Getting The Magento Emails You Send?

MageSend Magento Email sending with Amazon SES

I have made a premium Magento Extension called MageSend. MageSend makes it simple and easy to send using Amazon's highly reliable SES email service.

The extension is $99, and comes with a complete money back guarantee, please check it out, I am confident it will resolve any email sending problems with your Magento store.

2 responses to Another Free Magento Hosting Competition

  1. Hi,

    I was just wondering when the deadline for the entries where? and where can I find out details about the one who has won / wins the prize?

    Many Thanks.


  2. Hi, Chris
    The competition has actually ended and I am currently seeking a new sponsor. The last winner is working on their proposed Free Magento hosting plan, which they are powering with the reseller accoun they won from elief. I’m hoping to do a bit of a write up about this hosting thing when they get it up and running because I think it’d be a great idea, so stay tuned.