Funniest Magento keyword search

June 6, 2009

I wanted to share this, it made me laugh when I noticed it. Every now and then I take a look through Google analytics at the Magento keyword searches that get people to my site but cause bounces, in case there is some useful content I could add. I spotted this little gem of a keyword search amongst the far more boring Magento searches and I though it was pretty funny.

For those of you that develop/design with Magento, the first few weeks of frustration when you’re first learning can be tough, I bet this is a common feeling!

A frustrated Magento developer looking for answers?! I know the feeling!

A frustrated Magento developer looking for answers?! I know the feeling!

Ironically if it hadn’t been for this really rude commenter then this search would have never found me, so in a way it’s a good thing!

It got me thinking, it’d be a kind of fun trick/game to play to find the most obscure search that would still actually find someone’s site and then visit them using it – just in case they’re looking through their keyword lists.

So if I spot any more funny ones, I’ll post them up – if it’s yours, feel free to claim responsibility in the comments. You can’t do “fuck aschroder” though, because I just tried that already (and it works), be creative!



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One response to Funniest Magento keyword search

  1. Once our client Google Analytics showed results close to these 😀 the most used keyword to find the site was “piss on me” becose in Latvian it doesnt mean what is sound like in english :d :d :d