Web Hosting without the lame-duck stock photos: Fat Cow Hosting

August 11, 2009

A while ago a slipped a bonus point question/jibe into one of my reviews for Magento hosting. Justin has cleverly called me on it, so as promised, you should check out Fat Cows eco friendly web hosting.

Oddly enough their hosting does actually look interesting, the idea of wind powered green hosting, isn’t one I’d heard of before.

What happens on non-windy days though? (I’m guessing they don’t rely soley on wind!) But they could make that clearer on the site.

Anyway, cool idea, if you want hosting for a Magento webstore with a green/eco point of difference then it’s probably a good option. You can then brag about it on your site, give you customers a warm fuzzy feeling! Go Get It!



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3 responses to Web Hosting without the lame-duck stock photos: Fat Cow Hosting

  1. I have heard/see arround some “green hosting company”. This is the new fashion in business 🙂 Anyway I will take a look to the fat cow.

  2. Fatcow doesn’t support Magento, you can’t install Magento on a Fatcow server, unfortunately.

  3. FatCow don’t support InnoDB at this time. I am asking them to enable it but I’m betting they won’t.

    What is the proble with InnoDB anyway?