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A new for 2010 or, why I haven’t written anything for a couple of weeks…

Tonight I released my new wordpress theme – what do you think? It’s the bastard offspring of two free themes; SevenFive and Agregado hacked together to make a new theme. In the spirit of the original themes being free, here it is – I make no apologies for the crude hacking together and all original copyrights hold – I’m not trying to pass this off as my own or anything.

I’d really like any feedback you have, particularly the 10% of you who use Internet explorer, as I want to make sure the site is simple, clean and usable. So leave a comment, or email me with the things you’d like me to change.

Also, now that I have got the pseudo-creative bug out of my system, I’ll try to post a few more Magento articles to keep you going – so keep an eye out for them.

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Mailchimp + Magento: How to get autoresponders working with the API

Just a quick little how-to on Mailchimp and Magento using the existing extension by Ebizmarts. We want to be able to send customers who sign up for the newsletter through the Magento store a little thank you gift (discount code) X days after signing up using Mailchimp’s excellent autoresponders. This is supported by Mailchimp, but requires double opt-in or the following little 2 step work-around with the Mailchimp API.
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