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I’ve had a couple of fellow Magento users contact me over the last couple of weeks about the 500 emails per day Google Apps and Gmail limit. I’m sure it’s in the class of good problems to have when you have more than 500 order related emails, or new customer sign-ups everyday! In this post I’ll detail my simple solution to the 500 email limit that Google imposed on their Gmail and Google Apps accounts when you are using an account as your transactional email sending account for Magento.

First, the problem is that you can only send 500 emails per day through Gmail or Google Apps – that’s fair enough, the accounts are supposed to be suitable for humans, not Magento stores. Also, you can pay for premier and get 2000 emails, so that’s not too bad either for $50/user!

Never fear though, I have modified my extension to help out. Basically here is how the change works, and how it is implemented. You can get the new version over on Magento Connect

Update: you can’t at the moment, so download directly from me for the time being.

Update: Thanks to Paulius there is a specially packaged version of the extension that will make it easy to install manually until I can get the Magento Connect version updated (which is still failing). Get that version here!

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It took me a bit longer than a week to finish my list of IRWD action items, didn’t it? Hopefully no one was holding their breath. In this second part I’ll be expanding on the first part of the action items list with two sections, one on Design improvements for ecommerce stores and the other on Customer Communication, which is less of a technical category, but one I think is worth covering.

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I have finally finished my Magento SMTP, Gmail and Google Apps Email combined extension. It will be available on Magento Connect shortly (as soon as Varien fix the little bugs in the ‘submit extension’ interface – namely version and stability appear to be required and missing from the form.

I won’t bore you with the details again – but I have tested this working on version 1.4 of Magento (along with 1.2 and 1.3 as always). So for those of you having trouble with email on Magento 1.4 – give this alpha release of my SMTP, Gmail and Google Apps email Magento extension a go. Please note it is a development release, and you should definitely not install it on a production site without first testing it in your development environment.

With this extension you can:

  1. Use Magento with your choice of SMTP server, port and authentication/encryption schemes
  2. Use Magento with Gmail or Google Apps Email very easily

Please download it and test it out, let me know any feedback you may have.

Update: Thanks to Paulius there is a specially packaged version of the extension that will make it easy to install manually until I can get the Magento Connect version updated (which is still failing). Get it here!

Well, I’m back in New Zealand now and all thawed out after the Internet Retailer Web Design conference – it was a well oiled machine again this year interesting speakers and many great ideas flowing. For World Wide Access it is a chance to set some high level goals for web development over the next 12 months.

In this post, more for myself than anyone, I’m going to set out 15 high level action items that I took away from the conference. This distills the key design and development points I noted over the 3 days of speakers and workshops. During the course of the year I’ll keep you updated with progress on these items and any benefits or issues that arise.

I’ll get straight into it, because we have a lot to cover in 3 broad areas; functionality, design and communication.
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Seriously, just don’t do it – I think I’m going to have to find a new start page…


It’d actually be a really interesting experiment if the Herald just ran Google adwords instead. I wonder if more people would click on ads that related to what they were reading rather than shitty bandwidth consuming banner ads. There might be something in it, seeing as Google only gets paid when people click on targeted ads and by all accounts they’re doing pretty well out of it….

As a Magento developer I’m always a little bewildered by the number of web stores that use flash banners instead of simple javascript powered rotating div ‘s – at least the div ‘s can have text and alt tags associated, which the search engines can crawl.