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I was just setting up a store with GST tax on Magento and got caught up on a bug where the tax on a product would be calculated correctly, but the total on the cart page would show it 100x (yes 100 times!) lower than it actually was, leading to an incorrect total being calculated for when tax is included.

With a bit of Google’ing and I found this forum post which had the answer. A clean way of making this little patch while we await a core fix is:
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I had a longer than usual train ride on Friday, thanks to missing my usual one by about 20 seconds! The good news is, during the extended train ride I have added some new functionality to my SMTP Pro magento extension – it now optionally logs all emails to a database table and you can view the detail of them from within the Magento admin interface. I still can’t upload it to Magento connect however, so please download the release from here and let me know how it goes. Update: Fixed bug pointed out by Luis below – new release is 1.1.1.

I have also added a nice little event firing mechanism – I’m inviting fellow developers to suggest events they want fired, to make manipulating outbound emails easier for other extension developers. Currently the only one is smtppro_email_after_send but there is scope for adding many more – contact me!

I’ll add some notes about the new functionality below, but just to recap using my free smtp extension for Magento you can now:

  • Configure Magento for sending email with any SMTP server
  • Easily configure Magento to send email with GMail or Google Apps Email
  • Diagnose connection problems using the email self test
  • Send using a number of different gmail/google addresses if your email volumes are very high
  • Enable a development mode and an email suppression mode
  • View a log of all email sent from within Magento, the date they were sent and search and filter the list of emails
  • Hook into a growing number of email related events to extend the email capability of Magento

All for free too, I think it compares favorably with the commercial extensions that offer the same functionality. I’d appreciate any opinions on that, as I’m aiming to have the best email extension for Magento. Anyway here’s some info about the new features, in case you care.
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I was so very excited about presenting at the Magento Developer Conference but thanks to the Volcano in Iceland, I was instead grounded in Dubai – I got to within 2 hours of London, check this out for a bizarre flight path.

Turned back 2 hours away from LHR - thanks volcanic ash!

Turned back 2 hours away from LHR - thanks volcanic ash!

Anyway – Dubai turned out to be a fairly interesting place – I got to ride a camel and snowboard in a shopping mall. Emirates were very good to us as well, so I really cannot complain. I’ll put up a blog post with some content that would have been in my presentation in case anyone is interested.

With a bit of luck there will be another Magento conference in the future, and I’ll get to head along to that one. I’ll look forward to it.