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Magento Developer Conference vs Volcanic Ash

I was so very excited about presenting at the Magento Developer Conference but thanks to the Volcano in Iceland, I was instead grounded in Dubai – I got to within 2 hours of London, check this out for a bizarre flight path.

Turned back 2 hours away from LHR - thanks volcanic ash!
Turned back 2 hours away from LHR - thanks volcanic ash!

Anyway – Dubai turned out to be a fairly interesting place – I got to ride a camel and snowboard in a shopping mall. Emirates were very good to us as well, so I really cannot complain. I’ll put up a blog post with some content that would have been in my presentation in case anyone is interested.

With a bit of luck there will be another Magento conference in the future, and I’ll get to head along to that one. I’ll look forward to it.

3 thoughts on “Magento Developer Conference vs Volcanic Ash

  1. Well, sorry you didn’t get to present. We’re looking forward to your intended presentation. Glad about the camel. Everyone should ride a camel.

  2. Oh man, I feel for you. I suppose could have been worse, I hear Dubai is not a bad place to hang out.

    But yes, I’d be interested in seeing your presentation.

  3. look forward to seeing the slides, snowboarding cant be to bad an alternative to sleeping in airports though

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