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Improved Custom Magento Order Number Functionality for SetStartOrderNumber extension – v0.3

Well, I said if I got 100 downloads of my latest Magento extension to set custom starting order numbers I’d make some improvements to it, and sure enough it happened. So here are the improvements. Please note I did not actually do the one improvement I promised I’d do, but I did a bunch of others that I hope make up for my laziness. You can get the updated version on Magento connect or download it directly.

In version 0.3 you can now:

  1. Hopefully avoid the Update before Save fiasco
  2. Disable the padding on the order number, invoice number etc
  3. Disable the prefix so that your numbers are treated in their entirety by the increment logic (and possibly the padding logic)
  4. Set a custom increment amount to trick your nosey competitors into thinking you do 1000 orders a day!

If you happen to be reading this JT, I skipped v0.2, but I’ll circle back around for the cron increment functionality you suggested at 300 downloads, promise!

As always please give this extension a try in a dev environment first, it’s still being actively developed and I consider it beta. Despite that I am using it myself on several production stores.

37 thoughts on “Improved Custom Magento Order Number Functionality for SetStartOrderNumber extension – v0.3

  1. *logs in to botnet to facilitate 200 more downloads*

  2. Haha, I’ll know if there is unprecedented demand for the extension that you are behind it!

  3. Can this extension be used on a store that already has a lot of orders or does it only work on a fresh install?

  4. Hi, John – yes it can, but if you’re changing to use lower numbers than your current order numbers, you’ll have to toggle the trust me I know what I’m doing switch. It’s a safety mechanism, because if you end up with duplicate ID’s your customer service reps will hate you.

    It won’t update the old ones, but it will mean all future ones will use the new numbering scheme.

  5. Can this extension be used on a multistore installation?

  6. It should be OK – I haven’t tested it though, so suggest trying it in a dev environment first, please let me know how it goes?

  7. 243 download !!!! Go GO

  8. Using and version 3 of the module. New store so orders only at 100000108. Disabled padding and prefix and set orders to 2500. Saved and then ran update. Getting error message that it is less than 100000108. Does that mean I need to pick something greater than 100000108 or override for small er order number?

    Thanks and appreciate your contribution to the magento community.

  9. @JH That should be fine if you override, unless you’re likely to get near 100 million orders. If you are, then you can hire a developer to fix it at around the 99 million order mark 🙂 Have fun!

  10. If I was on that train with you the day you were coding this I would buy you a beer 😉 Thanks dude!

  11. Hey Ashley,

    first of all: thanks for all the effort you put into this blog and all the coding. If I ever come to New Zealand, I’ll bring a casc of German beer for you 😉

    To the lecture at hands, I’m quite pissed by Magentos storeview behaviour with the invoice numbers. We need to have one number for the whole shop. So I tried your extension and it works fine for ID1 storeview (german). But the other storeviews come up with their own numbers. Did I do something wrong? I installed it, got to the backend config, used the standard configuration, disabled the padding and prefix, typed in the number 5016 (highest number), saved and updated. As I said: StoreView 1 = perfect, all other 3 StoreViews = different numbers. So first I slapped my monitor, second I wrote you this “cry for help”, and next thing I’m going to do is get some ice for my hand, monitors seem to be harder than hands…

    Thanks in advance!


  12. Hi there, a short update on my problem: it is solved!
    Unfortunately without your module, but maybe you can use this “workaround” for future releases:
    1) BACKUP
    2) Ensure you did 1)
    3) go to your DB using PHPmyadmin and look for the table eav_entity_store
    4) Add a new (or edit an existing) line:

    entity_type: 16 (which stands for the invoice)
    store_id: 0 (pretend having a storeview ID=0,overrules all others)
    increment_prefix: 0 (no prefix, 1 to have one)
    increment_last_id: 5016 (the next invoice number you will have. It’ll automatically count up 5017, 5018…)

    5) Look for the table eav_entity_type

    6) Set value increment_per_store to 0 for entity_type_code 16 (invoice)

    7) smile

    This can be used for all other numbers (e.g. customer, order, …). Hope it helped.

  13. Thanks for the update Chris, multi-store is an area that needs work with this extension. I’ll be looking at it just as soon as I can.

  14. Hey Ashley, I’m running 1.4.2 in a brand new install and I’ve used Magento Connect to install your product. From reading the documentation I understand that it should show up under the ‘store’ tab of Magento’s admin area but I’m not seeing it there at all, even after flusing all the caches. Any tips?

  15. Hi, the configuration is under the Sales section – hope you get it working.

  16. Would this work across multiple websites within magento? The problem is that each of the separate websites have their own starting number prefixes.

  17. @Ashley – Works fine as long as it is a single store view. The moment you try to use this across multiple websites and store views, it does not work. Magento just seems to get the previous numbering schema from somewhere.

  18. @Ashley – You extension is great, but, unfortunately, I have the same problem reported by Sahil. We have a single website, multiple stores, and up to 3 views per store. Custom order number works just for store with ID = 1. Any suggestion about how to address this issue?

  19. Dear Ashley,

    thanks for your great work. But I have the same issue.
    I set the numbering to 2011000001 – but… I now have numbers like 20000000, 3000000 and some 20110000. A bit mixed up.
    (The shop is online right now…so I have a little emergency here).

    Do you have an idea or a quck&dirty solution?

    Best regards and many thanks in advance

  20. Hi,

    I’ve used gladly your extension for a while and it has worked great on my but now I must upgrade to 1.5 and was wondering if the extension would work with this version of Magento.

    thank you very much again for this great extension!

  21. How do I install this?

  22. Fantastic Extension!

    Any updates on multistore use?

  23. Hi Ash, im currently using the extension its amazing, just what i needed.
    Only thing is, whenever a customer clicks onto their order within their account it is still appearing as a lower default.

    E.g. I used the extension to go quite far up so the order number is “181497424” which is great.
    Yet when a customer clicks on “view order” in their account i get the following

    Do you know of anything in order to solve this ?

    Been looking into it but cannot find anything at present.


  24. @Craig – sorry mate but those id’s are used throughout magento in the urls. It’d be a pretty low level change to not use them. The id you see there is the entity id for the record in the database, not the ‘increment id’.

  25. @Ashley, but it would still be do-able ?
    Just it looks very unprofessional in my opinion, i mean unless there’s a survey with for this then i’d still look at trying to do it.

    Sorry if that came across abnoxious in anyway i don’t mean for it to be 🙂


  26. @Ashley
    I’m just installed the extension. I’ve flushed the cash, logout – login, but I’ve not the extension in the sales menu. I’m in version of Magento. DO you have an idea ?

  27. I have a multi-view store too and @Chris update works! I did it for all entity types. Thanks a lot buddy.

  28. @Ashley
    I’m wondering if it works in magento community 1.6.1??

  29. Hi,

    is there a way to set a postfix in the invoice number eg: 0001/A 0002/A …


  30. Hi Ashley,

    I ran this extension once to change the starting order number and it worked fine. My question is can I now disable and remove the module without any undesired effects?

    I figure I can since it all it did was change the increment_id and once that change is through this module doesn’t actively doing anything on the backend right? Just wanted to make sure.

    Thanks for this great extension!

  31. Hey,

    Is the extension compatible with 1.6.x?
    It looks great!

  32. Hi Ashley,

    Is there any chance you’d consider putting this extension up on Github? It would be great to be able to quickly install it via moddman.


  33. Ashley,

    Thank you for all your posts, you really help make making magento so much easier to tweak.

    Is this extension compatible with 1.7?



  34. I use my site to manage orders submitted via a P.O. and I was wondering if this extension will allow me to custom input order numbers that are non-sequencial and varying in length. I would like the order number to reflect my customer’s PO #s, which don’t follow any set pattern. Basically, I want to custom input every order number. Thoughts?

  35. downloaded this from the link above and unziped files. In what folders do the file need to be placed in?

  36. todd, did you ever figure out how to install it? I’m wondering the same thing.

  37. Can you use this to set as “K59000…. alpha at front of order#? Please advise.

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