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Magento Developers Paradise By The Numbers

Having just got back from the Magento Developers Paradise in Mallorca, I thought I’d try for a creative summary, here we go.


The number of blog contributors I enjoyed meeting in person.


The number of wing mirrors involved in my first motor vehicle incident in Mallorca, < 15 minutes after renting the car.


The number of Magento-developing souls willing to brave a drive around Mallorca with me, (even after item 2 above!)



The number of armed Guardia Civil interrogating me over my minor traffic offense – driving the wrong way up a one way street in Tarragona at 0300.


The number of airports I’ve endured to get to Mallorca and back


The number of years it took me to propose to my girlfriend, Cindy



The number of years it took her to say yes, woohoo


The number of developers at the Magento Developers Paradise, I met so many clever, interesting people it was a real blast.


The number of slides in my presentation on Extension development and engineering Magento stores. Feedback/questions invited.


The number of minutes drive the hotel I booked on Mallorca actually was from where I thought it was, woops.


The number of years it will take this stalagmite to reach the roof of the Caves of Arta. I only got to see it thanks to booking the wrong hotel, lemonade/lemons eh!



The number of burgers I tried in Spain and the UK – I’m going to start a blog called Burger Review!


The number of classic German beer-drinking songs played at ‘Bier Konnig’ in Mallorca, one of the classiest establishments on the island, by all accounts.

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Big thanks to Magento and Netresearch (they do Magento development) for putting on the conference.

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  1. just passing thru – congratulations on your engagement!

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