Lucky Me

January 15, 2011

Either Google’s spam detection missed a sitter, or this is real and my lucky day! In all fairness, I can’t remember the last one that go through. Thanks gmail.



Hi! I'm Ashley Schroder, a Software Engineer from New Zealand - this is a collection of notes on my experiences with Ecommerce Web Development, particularly Magento Development.

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One response to Lucky Me

  1. Try it… See what happens!

    I think it was X-Mas 2009, a media company sent a full-on spam-looking e-mail to all its clients and contacts saying something similar “respond with this to get $10,000 for free” – out of something in the order of 5K recipients just one or two responded (probably those who get scammed usually) and indeed they gave the money. Think it was this one: So the lesson is, play safe, give it a try!