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X.commerce DevTalk newsletter featured

Ok I couldn’t resist, this made my day. I was featured in the X.commerce DevTalk email newsletter talking about my Magento Speed Test site. My grinning mugshot made it in to inboxes worldwide, cool!

You can check out the actual interview wherein I blather on about and how great it is and how everyone should be using it and how PayPal makes subscriptions easy, etc.

Somewhat tragically feedback has been I need a new profile photo:

So I’ll scour my archives for another suitably unprofessional photo of myself, this time with glasses on, I can’t see properly anymore, apparently.

In other news, I’m presenting at Magento Imagine in April, so I’m busy preparing slides for that. Please ping me if you’re in the US, I’m going to do a trip around after the conference and would love to meet up with fellow Magento developers.

Also working on OrderPipe and a new multi-store Magento installation. I’ll have some articles to report on both over the next few weeks. Stay tuned.

PS: Promise future blog posts won’t consist almost entirely of embedded tweets

2 thoughts on “X.commerce DevTalk newsletter featured

  1. Shite, should have gotten your autograph when we met in London, knew you were going to be famous some day soon!

    I think the profile pic is quite apt, I can see you programming like that, in pure silence. You like like Messi in it too, perhaps you share the pure genius gene through your looks.

  2. Hah, I don’t think there’s a risk of that. Do you mean Messi the soccer player?

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