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Magento Imagine 2012: Making the most of APIs

Just finished up with my API presentation at Magento Imagine 2012, thanks to those who came along, and for the interesting questions and discussions afterwards. Great conference so far and looking forward to more interesting tech topics.

As promised here are the PDF slides, links to code examples and the blog post I mentioned that runs through the new Magento 1.7 REST API and oAuth. If any one has some comments or questions please do not hesitate to ask.

Update: Videos of all the tech talks are up on the Imagine site, here’s mine.

Also, if you’re a merchant, or an agency with merchants on board who might be interested, please check out our mobile sales dashboard,

Thanks to everyone who twittered and took pictures during the talk, given the temporal nature of twitter, I’ll post a few tweets below for the archive.

One thought on “Magento Imagine 2012: Making the most of APIs

  1. Ashley,

    Will you have time to update the sitemap extension to 1.7? I think there are lots of people waiting for it!



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