I live in Auckland, New Zealand and work as a Software Engineer for ExportX, we have developed a ready-made export sales channel that can take New Zeland products to large overseas markets quickly and easily. I am currently working primarily on Magento Development projects but my experience ranges from utility billing and CIS implementations through to wifi internet billing solutions.

I have been working with Java since 2002, and PHP since 2008. I much prefer working in the former, but have come to respect the latter for it’s flexibility.

I’ve been Microsoft free since 2005, using primarily Ubuntu Linux and more recently Mac OSX (yes I sold my soul) – but Apple products turned out to be not that bad. If I have time I’ll try to post some Linux/Unix tips to this blog too.

I have been using AWS for production sites and stores since 2007, I love the concept of commodity computing and hope to never own a server. My latest nerd crush is Google App Engine, I’ve been using it for a variety of recent projects and think it’s swell.

I offer a small range of services such as Magento Development and Magento EC2 configuration, contact me to find out more.

When I can get away from a computer I am training for a marathon, and learning to wakeboard.

You can see what kind of music I like thanks to the last.fm scrobbler with itunes.

I’d be really interested to hear feedback on this blog, it’s a work-in-progress, so I appreciate your thoughts!



To reach me you can contact me by email or twitter me @aschroder. If you would like to sell me Viagra, or have any excellent deals on Rolex watches, don’t email me.