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Using Git submodules and @import with Modman for Magento

After chatting to Colin about his excellent modman project at Magento Imagine earlier this year I’d been meaning to swap our internal stores onto a git submodules + modman @import setupfinally got around to it only two months late!

In this post I’ll walk through importing the git submodule, and then using it in the context of a larger modman project, and lastly I’ll brain dump some useful/relevant git submodule commands while they’re fresh in my head. For a worked introduction to modman, see my earlier article and if you’re not using modman, this article summarizes some modman benefits, with pictures.

Throughout this example I’ll use my SMTP Pro Magento extension on Github as an example.
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Magento Imagine 2012: Making the most of APIs

Just finished up with my API presentation at Magento Imagine 2012, thanks to those who came along, and for the interesting questions and discussions afterwards. Great conference so far and looking forward to more interesting tech topics.

As promised here are the PDF slides, links to code examples and the blog post I mentioned that runs through the new Magento 1.7 REST API and oAuth. If any one has some comments or questions please do not hesitate to ask.

Update: Videos of all the tech talks are up on the Imagine site, here’s mine.

Also, if you’re a merchant, or an agency with merchants on board who might be interested, please check out our mobile sales dashboard,

Thanks to everyone who twittered and took pictures during the talk, given the temporal nature of twitter, I’ll post a few tweets below for the archive.

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Introduction to the Magento REST APIs with oAuth in Version 1.7

The latest version of Magento (1.7rc1 right now) has support for oAuth authenticated REST APIs, yippee! In this post I’m going to run through the technical aspects of setting up the Magento oAuth and making your first Magento REST API call.

I’m presenting on APIs during the technology track at the Magento Imagine conference on Tuesday (If you’re reading this, and you’re at the conference, I hope to see you there!). In my talk I’ll cover interesting uses and benefits of the REST API but won’t have time for a big fully worked example. This post details the finer points of actually using these APIs which is a bit too low-level to cover, so this will be extra-for-experts homework for those that want to have a play around with REST after the talk.

There are basically 3 steps to running your first REST API call in Magento.
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X.commerce DevTalk newsletter featured

Ok I couldn’t resist, this made my day. I was featured in the X.commerce DevTalk email newsletter talking about my Magento Speed Test site. My grinning mugshot made it in to inboxes worldwide, cool!

You can check out the actual interview wherein I blather on about and how great it is and how everyone should be using it and how PayPal makes subscriptions easy, etc.

Somewhat tragically feedback has been I need a new profile photo:

So I’ll scour my archives for another suitably unprofessional photo of myself, this time with glasses on, I can’t see properly anymore, apparently.

In other news, I’m presenting at Magento Imagine in April, so I’m busy preparing slides for that. Please ping me if you’re in the US, I’m going to do a trip around after the conference and would love to meet up with fellow Magento developers.

Also working on OrderPipe and a new multi-store Magento installation. I’ll have some articles to report on both over the next few weeks. Stay tuned.

PS: Promise future blog posts won’t consist almost entirely of embedded tweets

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There’s been a distinct lack of new Magento content here for the last few months. That’s because I’ve been busily beavering away on our latest internal project which I’d like to share with you. It’s only partly Magento related, so bear with me. We’ve created a multi-channel mobile sales dashboard on Google App Engine called OrderPipe, and it’s now been made publicly available. It aggregates order data from multiple online sales channels for consumption on mobile and desktop. screenshot

We launched a private beta trial at the end of September, and are nearing a point where we’ll be making it generally available (albeit initially free) to everyone.

I thought I’d take this opportunity to tell you about it, what it does (technically), and why it may interest you.
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