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Export New Zealand Finalist: World Wide Access, and I’m on the FM!

Quick non-Magento related post. World Wide Access got to the finals of the Export New Zealand awards, we’re going to a flashy black tie dinner and everything, very exciting! Anyway, I just wanted to share this little sound byte because it’s my first ever (and probably only) 30 seconds of fame on the FM band.

If you don’t like the internet and want to hear it in the wild, it’ll play on NewstalkZB Drive show 4pm-7pm from Tuesday 7th June – Thursday 16th June 2011. You can tune in for some insightful discussion with Susan Wood while you’re on the way home!

Excuse the dry monotone voice – that’s just how I sound apparently.

PS: I haven’t been doing _much_ Magento development lately as you can probably tell by the lack of new posts, but I’ll post some articles soon, given all of the interesting news of the last weeks, what with Magento selling to Ebay, and details of the Magento 2 project being unveiled at the Magento Developer’s Paradise.

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On working from Pukekohe

One of the perks of working from Pukekohe a couple of times a week is it has a rural vibe, reminiscent of Palmerston North where I grew up. Paddock Bashing a car is somewhat a rite of passage in rural NZ though a BMW 735 is significantly more luxurious than the 1981 Mazda 323 I raced in my youth. I’ll let the pictures tell the story…

PS: I’ll write an actual Magento related blog post soon too, it looks like a month since I last wrote anything, but I dropped an article on Magebase earlier this month about Magento Session storage, have you read it?

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2010 ☑ Bring on 2011

2010 is now well and truly behind me and I am sitting inside on a sunny day (sunburnt) reflecting on the year that was. It’s been a busy year. I thought, more so for my own sake than yours, that I would jot down a few notes to wrap things up.

My Blog

Firstly my blog, 2010 has been good to me in several respects. From a traffic point of view my final tally (according to Google Analytics at least) clocked in at a touch over 100 thousand visitors and over 200 RSS subscribers, I feel like this is a recognition of the quality of my continued articles on Magento development.
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Toshcomputers: (mis)Adventures in Buying a new iMac

I know this isn’t strictly Magento development related, so I’ll apologize in advance to those of you uninterested in this post, I’ll keep it brief, promise. I just wanted to tell a little story about an ill-fated ecommerce transaction with Tosh Computers, so hopefully I can save others a great deal of hassle if they stumble upon this post when looking for a review of Tosh Computers. Perhaps we’ll all learn a little something about selling on the internet too, that is why we’re here, after all.

Tosh Computers ( is a merchant of Apple Mac laptops and desktops in NZ and Australia. I ordered a top-spec iMac 27′ from them on behalf of someone who needed one for business. Being such a Mac-convert I jumped at the opportunity to help someone into one, the less Windows PC’s in the world, the better it is, as far as I’m concerned!

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