I have made several Magento extensions and some ecommerce related services available. Why not have a look and tell me what you think?

Magento Extensions

MageSend Magento Email with Amazon SES

MageSend is the best, most reliable and simplest solution to send email in Magento. You can read about the introduction to MageSend here, or vist the MageSend product page.

Magento SMTP Pro extension

This Magento extension is created for expert users who need full control of the Magetno SMTP server settings. You can control authentication, security and specify your own host and port. The extension supports self testing and Magento newsletters. This extension now also has the ability to easily configure and send from Gmail or Google Apps email addresses.

Magento Sitemap Submit extension

I’ve made an Magento extension for submitting your store sitemap to Google, Yahoo, Ask and Bing called Sitemap Submit. My new extension can submit automatically whenever the sitemap is regenerated, or on-demand from the admin UI. You can get the extension over at Magento Connect.

Magento Set Custom Order Number

I’ve made an Magento extension for customizing the starting order number (as well as invoice number, shipment number and credit memo number). You can control the starting number, but also the increment amount and whether to use a prefix or padding. Read more about how it was made. And how the padding and prefix functionality works.

Magento Google Apps and Gmail extension

This Magento extension makes it very easy to set up a Google Apps or Gmail account for use with Magento outbound emails. It saves all of the SMTP setup you’d have to do with other solutions. Read more about using Magento with Google Apps or Gmail. Update: This extension has now been merged into the SMTP Pro extension, and numerous new features added. Unless you need only very basic Gmail support, I suggest getting the latest version of my SMTP Pro extension.


Magento Speed Test

Magento Speed Test is the easiest, fastest way to benchmark your Magento webstore with multiple simulated shoppers. Based on some Magento testing I did with Siege I built Magento Speed Test initially as a simple free tool. Over time I have added multiple data centers and a range of other premium features. The tool can still be used totally free, but you can now also subscribe for $9/month to gain access to all the benefits.