I have developing with Linux, Unix and BSD since 2003. I have been building for the web since 2006. I offer a few small services for people having trouble with Magento installation, Magento configuration (particularly on the EC2 cloud computing platform) and Magento development.

Magento Development

Although I keep myself busy developing a ready made export sales channel for NZ products and maintaining my open-source Magento email extensions I still enjoy a variety of Magento development challenges. So if you have some small, tricky problem to solve, let me know, I might be able to help.

Amazon EC2 Magento configuration

I have extensive experience with production Magento installations on Amazon’s EC2 platform. If you need help with Mysql on EBS, snapshot backups, elastic IP’s and virtual hosting or almost anything EC2 related. Price depends on what you need configured, contact me for a quote.

Magento Store Performance Monitoring and Testing

I have created a service called Magento Speed Test for testing and monitoring Magento store performance. It’ll tell you pretty quickly how well your store performs with multiple simulated users (from multiple geographic locations. If you have specific testing needs, let me know.