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At the recent Auckland Magento Meetup I had the privilege of seeing Mark Hammersley’s presentation on email marketing – Mark’s a fascinating guy and a real expert, I highly recommend checking out his site. One of the things that came up during his presentation was the idea of first touch tracking your visits, particularly in the sense that if they first come to you because of an email, and you build a relationship with them and they eventually buy from you – knowing if it was an email and which one brought them to the store in the first place is very valuable information.

Magento does not track this out of the box and neither does Google Analytics, however with a simple customization it can be added to the store. This blog post will run through how I added it to two of our new World Wide Access stores, <plug> Cariboo Cribs – which sells cribs and cots to the UK and soon to the USA – and Dominion New Zealand – which sells high quality sheepskin coats and boots (think New Zealand made Ugg).</plug>

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I wanted to share this, it made me laugh when I noticed it. Every now and then I take a look through Google analytics at the Magento keyword searches that get people to my site but cause bounces, in case there is some useful content I could add. I spotted this little gem of a keyword search amongst the far more boring Magento searches and I though it was pretty funny.

For those of you that develop/design with Magento, the first few weeks of frustration when you’re first learning can be tough, I bet this is a common feeling!

A frustrated Magento developer looking for answers?! I know the feeling!

A frustrated Magento developer looking for answers?! I know the feeling!

Ironically if it hadn’t been for this really rude commenter then this search would have never found me, so in a way it’s a good thing!

It got me thinking, it’d be a kind of fun trick/game to play to find the most obscure search that would still actually find someone’s site and then visit them using it – just in case they’re looking through their keyword lists.

So if I spot any more funny ones, I’ll post them up – if it’s yours, feel free to claim responsibility in the comments. You can’t do “fuck aschroder” though, because I just tried that already (and it works), be creative!