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If you have recently hit a brick wall when installing Magento 1.2.1 on a shared hosting service with the error: Database server does not support InnoDB storage engine then you’re not alone. I came across this today while helping with a Magento install (one of my 5 Free Professional Magento installs). There is not a lot you can do, short of installing an old Magento version and not upgrading in the future, which is not a really good solution at all.

My recommendation was to either:

A) Request that your hosting provider enables InnoDB, which may or may not be possible. I notice shared hosting providers find all sorts of excuses for not supporting InnoDB, there looks to be plenty of reasons to have InnoDB enabled to me. This is really easily done by simply not having the skip-innodb line your mysql server configuration. Sadly though if it is in there, they probably opted to put it in there, and may not be willing to take it out.

or B) Move to a hosting provider that does support the new 1.2.x Magento and modern Mysql storage engines properly. That’s not always as easily done as it’s said though unfortunately. Continue Reading…

In my last post I showed how to correct the problem that was causing Magento to generate invalid XML for Google Checkout. In this post I will show how to fix another Magento problem with Free Shipping over $X and Google Checkout.

The issue is that even though free shipping shows correctly on the webstore – when Google Checkout makes the merchant calculation callback free shipping is not returned as an option when it should be.

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I have been working with the Magento E-commerce platform and have to say it’s generally pretty slick. I ran into a problem though when trying to get the Google Checkout integration working. The error message in the Google Checkout integration console was:

"We were looking for data in your merchant-calculation-results, but were not
able to find it: result: address-id: XXXXXX"

The problem was that the XML response Magento was sending back had the correct calculations for each shipping method that was available but it didn’t include the shipping methods that were not available for the address. These are required according to the Google Checkout XML API Docs.

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