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Introducing V2 – Performance test Magento from 4 different countries

I’m very proud to announce the second release of my Magento Speed testing tool, – the best way to test the speed and performance of your Magento store.

Magespeedtest Version 2

I have spent a bit of time on adding multiple test data centers and quite a look-and-feel overhaul too. The thing that has really perplexed me though is what YouTube video to embed when announcing the biggest change of all – premium subscriptions. I couldn’t decide between these two, so here they both are:
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Posted on with Siege – Performance Testing Magento Made Easy

Just a quick little note. I took the work I had done in this article on siege testing Magento and basically made it into a little script you can run to test your own Magento store from the comfort of your web browser.

You can see the app in action at Magento Speed Test.

The features include:

  • Testing for a specified amount of time with a specified number of concurrent users.
  • Having your results emailed to you when they are ready.
  • Optionally choosing to publish your results to the home page
  • Tweet your results.

Note that you do need a standard Magento sitemap.xml in order for the testing to work properly. But you should have one anyway.

It’s still in beta mode – but I’d really love for people to try it out and give me some feedback and ideas. Here are a couple of features I think would be cool:

1) Run tests every 12 or 24 hours against various hosting company demo stores. That way we’ll get to see how they are performing and who is the fastest (for my little test at least).

2) Show a leader board for the home page, not just the 5 latest published results. I could add comments/notes so people can learn tips and tricks for speeding up Magento.

3) Less cool but important, I need to optimize the App with some memcaching – the Google App Engine Gods get angry when you run lots of un-cached queries.

But I’d appreciate hearing your feature ideas.