I have presented at a few conferences over the years. Here are slides and related posts to the presentations I have given.

Less Serverless: using Google App Engine for Serverless web apps

ScaleConf, Wellington, Aug 2017

I summarised my thoughts on the conference here, my presentation covered A2X growth from prototype to scaling and the benefits of App Engine for that.

Making the most of Magento APIs

Magento Imagine, Las Vegas, April 2012

This presentation covered techniques learned while developing for security and performance in APIs specifically when they’re being used in software services. I also covered some recent introductions to Magento, WS-I compliance and REST+oAuth APIs. You can grab the PDF slides, code examples and the blog post low-level examples of the new Magento 1.7 REST API and oAuth.

Engineering Your Magento Store

Magento Imagine Conference, Los Angeles, February 2011

This presentation looked at ways to engineer your Magento store for predictable, repeatable development. Tools include SVN for version control and modman for managing symlinks. I also wrote a full step-by-step guide to setting up a Magento development environment like I described in the slides.

Magento Customization With Extensions

Magento Developer’s Paradise, Mallorca, October 2010

This presentation described techniques for customizing Magento through custom extensions. Managing the development of those and reusing them in multiple projects. You can download the slides or read the related blog posts on engineering your extensions.